2 Yard Ankara Styles for Ankara Fabric

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2 Yard Ankara Styles for Ankara Fabric


2 Yard Ankara Styles for Ankara Fabric. What can you sew with 2 yards? I am excited to share a few tips on the different Ankara styles you can make with your favorite Ankara fabric. My focus on this post is what you can do with the two yards Ankara you have. It may seem like an insignificant piece of cloth the two yards’, but trust me there is so much ado about your 2 yards Ankara 😇

My high every day is to post something to inspire your fashion, style, and creative minds.

You may decide to make something for yourself or your kids with the 2-yard African print. The styles you can make depend on your size.

If you are a Nigerian like me, you would have some Asoebi fabrics remnant, other times it could be the two yards left after making an ensemble for Oga’. It is also possible you have the full 6 yards of the African print and would like to use it for yourself, hubby and child.

Whatever the case maybe it’s very common to have 2 yards a lying around

It’s possible to make a jacket or top to wear on jeans whether for a male or a female.

It can be mixed and matched with plain or patterned fabric. You may get some plain fabric and do a mélange with the African fabric.

My third suggestion would be a shift or sheath dress. Most shift dresses don’t need zips and darts. They are very flattering and they are easy to make.

It is noteworthy to know that some tailors really don’t know how to maximize fabrics. Don’t be surprised you give them the 2 yards of Ankara material and they tell you it’s impossible to make a dress with it.

As a designer, I enjoy sewing dresses with 2-yard Ankara even one and a half sometimes, amazing right? Yea! Na the work when we dey do…😁

So you will see, that there is so much two yards can accomplish irrespective of your size!

I sincerely hope you enjoy perusing some gorgeous pictures showing some attainable 2yards Ankara style. Follow us for more on trendy Ankara styles

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