African Fabric Prints

We sell authentic and superior grade of the beloved African fabric Prints. The African fabric prints come in yards or bundle of 6 yards.

African fabric is mostly associated with African clothing. It is known for its vibrant and beautiful colors.

It is simply beautiful and breath taking to behold.

African print fabric is called Ankara in some part of west Africa . It is referred to as kitenge in a East African.

African fabric or Ankara is very versatile . It can be used for any dressmaking design. It is perfect for any craft, décor or DIY projects.

It is very easy to manipulate and adds to the glam of any project.

Ankara or African print fabric is not originally African but originated from Indonesia.

It was originally made by the Dutch for the Indonesian market but found more acceptance in Africa.

African fabrics are your go to fabric for any projects . They are mostly made from 100 percent cotton.

They are great for curtains, cushion covers, wall art, oven mittens, dresses. Jackets, bags, just to mention a few.

You can never go wrong with the African print fabric because of it’s elegance and ease of use.

Ankara inspires creativity . You don’t need to be African to enjoy its splendor.

African print fabrics is now a household name . Loads of internationally acclaimed celebrities are embracing its glamour!

When you shop with us you get the best value for you money!