Latest Ankara Combination Short Gown Styles

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Latest Ankara Combination Short Gown Styles


The Latest Ankara combination short gown styles are super classy and eye-popping.

They are effortlessly chic and timeless. The attraction for me when it comes to the latest Ankara combination short gowns is the fact that these dresses can easily switch from work to casual or cocktail dresses depending on your accessories.

The versatility and appeal of the Ankara combination short gown can not be ignored and this makes it a trend to watch for!

In the last post I shared some tips for two yards Ankara styles, yes if you have got only two yards of Ankara, you don’t need to worry your pretty head if it will suffice for your chosen style on not. This is where the beauty of Ankara combination short gowns comes to the fore.

My go-to color any time for Ankara and plain short dresses is black plain sewing material, you can never go wrong with black. I totally get it that a lot of people don’t appreciate wearing black but hey there are so many other options available. There is burnt orange, royal blue, emerald green, mustard yellow, and chocolate brown. You can’t go wrong with these colors as long as there is a touch of it in the Ankara you have chosen.

But you need to always remember when in doubt as to the Ankara combination choice for short dresses, you should go for, choose black!

You can always mix Ankara with different fabric textures to make your latest Ankara short gown styles. There is the option of using plain cotton fabric for your latest Ankara combination short gown styles. You can opt for lace, crepe, polyester, jacquard, silk, or damask material as well for your Ankara short dress combination.

Now to the fascinating aspect of my blogging.. here is a collection of adorable and sassy styles for your latest Ankara short gown combination. Join us to see more from other posts on Ankara styles.


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