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Enliven your home with carefully designed handmade African home decor. Our African home decor items are made from canvas and African print fabric. They are bold, colorful yet very calming.

Our delicately designed Ankara-inspired decor is intricately thought out with a beautiful color blend.

The African heritage has got a lot of stories. The African print used in the home decor art shop tells a different story.
Sometimes the interpretation is left to the beholder.

When you shop on our online store you become part of that story. A story that transcends boundaries, culture, and social status.

With picture-perfect pieces, our Ankara home decor items add a touch of Africanness to your decor. They also help feed your creative mind.

Our home decor range suits every style and budget. They are modern, versatile, and a good-value decor option.

They make your living room gorgeous, fill your bedroom with warmth, and make the dining room welcoming.

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to make your home a haven.

We have a range of beautifully selected cushion covers, wall art decor, and placemats. Not to mention our exotic toilet set range to intrigue your guests.

We don’t just sell, we touch lives through the African print fabric decor.

What are you waiting for? Shop with us and let’s tell the African s

African Home Decor

Throw Pillows

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