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Our fashion accessories ranges from African inspired Earrings and great for dressing up or dressing down an outfit.

Voila! Designs fashion accessories are exclusively sourced and handmade. We pay great attention to details, quality and color blend so that they are appealing and flattering to all users irrespective of their age, race or color.
Our African print accessories are beautifully blended.

The combination of Very Colorful Ankara fabrics makes it a must have.

At Voila! Designs we make beautiful accessories like necklaces, earrings, tote bags, Satin hair bonnets, belts and bangles.

Our necklaces comes in a fabulous array of color combination.

This makes it really easy for the wearer to look glamourous just wearing one of our necklaces over a plain outfit.

The necklaces can be worn over any plain color dress, shirt , blouse or tee shirt.

You can easily switch a day outfit to night by just adding an Ankara belt or necklace.

Our earrings are made with light materials such as wood, bamboo and fabric. This makes it very comfy and easy to wear.

The African print tote bags are a wardrobe essential . They are super versatile and trendy. They can be used as carrier bags or lunch bags.

The fabric belts are one size fits . They are a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

There is so much to love when you shop with us

These fashion accessories by voila! are perfect for transforming ordinary or plain outfits , tacking them from boring to Elegant.

So be rest assured that you are getting good value for money when you shop.

Fashion accessories

Map Earring


Fashion accessories

Rattan earrings


Fashion accessories

Swarovski Gem

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